Sunday, March 13, 2016

Dittes letters to share

After World War II ended in 1945 my grandfather's first cousin, Frances Dittes of Madison, Tennessee, made contact with her Dittes relatives in Diedelsheim and started sending them needed supplies.  They were having a hard time buying basic necessities such as food and soap.  They sent her many letters of thanks, telling her what they were going through and thus what war was really like on the home front.  I now have possession of these letters and have mounted them on Google Drive with the help of my son.  We are planning a trip to Diedelsheim the end of this month, and I would like to share them with the Ditttes families there.  Many of the people writing these letters are probably no longer alive, but they are bound to have children and grandchildren interested in them.  

Some of the correspondents are Anna Steiger, Erwin Berner, Richard Schwab and Witrud and Werner Holler.  Those with the last name of Dittes are Christian, Ernestine, Friedrich, Irma, Ernst, Lucie, Margarethe, Ursela and Walter.

Would anyone know of them or their descendants living in Diedelsheim?  Please let me know.   

Frances Dittes grew up in Minnesota, being born around 1890, and distinguished herself as a dietitian professor at Madison College from 1910 to 1960.  Her father left Diedelsheim in the mid-19th century.  One of the letters said he could never return to his childhood home much as he wanted to.  He must have wound up on the wrong side of some kind of a revolution. 

Frances left letters from several cousins.

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