Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Do you know Ursula?

When I go to Diedelsheim in March, I want to look up Ursula Dittes or her family.  She wrote her first letter to my Aunt Frances here in Tennessee on June 14, 1947.  Her mother was Lucie Dittes, and she had two younger sisters named Karin and Gisela.  Their father was a prisoner of war in Russia and allowed to send them one postcard a month to let them know he was still alive.  Frances Dittes here in Tennessee sent them basic staples such as soap and blankets, and they were very grateful.

So I would like to make contact with  this family.  I had heard that Ursula later moved to the Hamburg area.  Perhaps Karin or Gisela still live in the Diedelsheim area.    Thanks so much.

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