Thursday, December 31, 2015

Background (Albert Dittes)

I am the grandson of Gotthold Dittes, born in Diedelsheim, Germany, and immigrant to the United States.  He went into the grocery store business on Long Island, New York, sometime after 1905 and became an American success story there.

I am looking forward to going to Diedelsheim in March with my son and two grandsons and have some correspondence I want to take with me.

One of Gotthold's first cousins, Frances Dittes, lived in nearby Madison, Tennessee, and helped some of our Diedelsheim relatives with basic supplies after World War II ended.  Her aid relieved some real suffering, and the Ditteses there wrote her many letters of gratitude.  Through a series of unusual circumstances, I came into possession of these letters two or three years ago.  I want to take them with me to Diedelsheim and should find people there related to those reading them.  My Aunt Frances died many years ago, and some of the correpondents are probably no longer alive, but they are bound to have childrean and grandchildren who would be interested in reading them.

I plan to leave for Germany the day after Easter Sunday, March 28.

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